Food with purpose.
Eat well, feel good.
Real ingredients, for real people.
“I didn’t know I’d be starting a company, all I wanted was to make dinner. My kids had dietary restrictions, so opening a box of store bought macaroni and cheese was not an option. I needed to create meals that were nutritious, delicious, unprocessed, and easy to prepare. Mostly, I wanted to make dinners my family would love.
Magnificent, healthful meals in minutes. Is that too much to ask? Back then, it was. So my parents (Frank and Judy) pitched in and we all started experimenting with herbs and spices.  We put some interesting combinations together for pizza, pasta, roast chicken, barbecue, and more. Storing them in recipe-sized bags made prep time incredibly fast. My neighbors wanted some. My friends wanted some. We started bringing our culinary blends to local fairs and then somebody said, “How about selling them at home parties?”.
That’s exactly what we did. We knew that the only way we could help other families do the same was through the relationship of Representatives. Working together with smart, strong, caring individuals has created a community that is truly a movement.
Today, thanks to customers like you, Wildtree can be found in millions of homes across the country. I thank you for supporting our mission and urge you to join our community and help improve other families’ lives as a Wildtree Representative.”
Leslie Montie 
Safe and Natural
Wildtree was founded on the premise that food should be safe, natural, and easy to prepare - all at the same time.
Instead of using MSG, GMOs, or artificial food dyes, Wildtree products are made from the finest natural and organic ingredients available. Instead of “good for you” foods with all the flavor of sawdust, Wildtree products are taste-tested winners. Instead of lengthy, complicated, time-consuming recipes, Wildtree products enable you to create spectacular, great-tasting dishes with just three or four ingredients.

We maintain a peanut-free facility and thoroughly test our products for safety, nutrition, taste, and ease. We look for a “thumbs-up” from our Product Testing Committee, and are committed to product excellence. If it’s not right, we do it again.

Today, our vision of helping people live healthier lives continues to strengthen! We are excited to offer you and your family our ever-growing line of the finest organic, GMO free, and all-natural products in the marketplace.


Here's a link to the full 2018 Catalog of Wildtree's products:



As a WildTree Herbs Consultant you can make up to 32%, based on your sales. You will also make 40% plus 12% on any sales your referrals make. They also have promotions where you can earn more money and bonuses. Unlike many MLMs the WildTree Commission structure seems pretty straightforward which I like. You don't need the rosetta stone to decipher it.


Why should I host a Wildtree Tasting or Workshop?
Hosting a Wildtree Workshop or Tasting is fun and rewarding. When you invite your family and friends, you, as the Host, earn free product rewards based on the retail sales at your event. And, you are able to purchase additional products at 50% off. Your Wildtree Representative will review our Host Rewards program with you including what qualifies for retail sales.

Do I need a certain amount of space to host a Tasting or Workshop?
Your Representative can make most any space work for you and your friends!

How many guests should I invite?
We suggest 40 or more. With busy schedules, only about a fourth of the people you invite will actually be able to attend. A guest list this size is easy to assemble when you include guests from various groups in your life; family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, church family, etc.

How do I become a Wildtree Representative?
Connect with the Representative who shared Wildtree with you.

If my friends can’t attend, can they still place an order?
Yes. Your Wildtree Representative will share the details so your friends can order online and the credits will apply to your Workshop or Tasting.

Legitamite Direct Sales Company

Good Job for Extroverts 

You become passionate about the work pretty easily

Sign up cost is semi-expensive

Hard to get people with jobs and a family to show up to your home parties, they are usually set for the evening

Home parties take up a large portion of your time