Purium is a multi-level marketing company that sells products related to health and diet founded by Dave Sandoval, which once went by the name Organic by Nature, in 1993
Purium Health believes in a holistic approach to life, with many of its products adhering to the principles of Naturopathy. The company’s flagship product is its 10-Day Transformation Program, which Purium Health’s website touts as “The FASTEST, healthiest, simplest weight loss program on the planet.”
So should you promote Purium?
Product-wise this company might be legit, but if you’re just interested in the business opportunity, there are better options out there…




Is the Apothe-Cherry bottled in a nut-free facility?
We cannot say that we are completely “nut-free,” because a truck that carries our shipment of ingredients may also carry nuts at some point. However, even though we cannot guarantee that at this time, we can tell you WHICH nuts: slivered almonds, walnuts, coconuts and hazelnut flavor. We can also assure you that the machines are cleaned and flushed before use. The cherries are also washed before use. The manufacturing staff follows every precaution to avoid any cross contamination.
What is the difference between Super Lytes and Ionic Elements?
Super Lytes are very specific in their purpose–their job is to re-hydrate you and ensure that your Kreb’s cycle functions properly, which is especially good for athletes or for during a cleanse or Transformation. They help rehydrate you so you don’t get constipated and they help you sweat properly. Super Lytes should be taken as per the directions, but you can also take a little bit less if you find you are retaining water or if you’re using sea salt in your flex foods and meals. Sodium is vitally important to maintain your blood pressure level, your Kreb’s cycle and the peristaltic action of your body.

What is the difference between the Daily Fiber Blend and the Super CleansR?
When designing the Transformation, there needed to be a product that could help regulate fiber, so Daily Fiber Blend was added on. But in the first Transformation packages, we learned that not only were the Ionic Elements not efficient enough, but the Daily Fiber Blend was not either. The problem was that there was so much to consume! In a Transformation, you have a certain amount of water you need to drink, and Apothe-Cherry and Power Shakes…the list was too extensive for some people. Because of this, they would neglect taking Daily Fiber Blend, because it was just becoming another liquid/shake they needed to take. We are always listening to our consumers and saw this area as a place to improve.

Legit weight loss business.

It will help you to lose weight in the short term if you stick to the plan for 10 days.

It detoxifies and reset your body metabolism.

It is very expensive

It might cause unpleasant side effects

There are several negative feedbacks

It can only be purchased online from the brands website

The full list of the ingredients used are not revealed
You need to act within 60 days if you do wish to claim the guarantee.


“Cleanses are bull$#[email protected]
Now on day 10, and feeling the way I am feeling and watching the Transformation in my husband, I can honestly say you are wrong. The wrong cleanse is bull$#[email protected] The right cleanse is amazing. I have been flooding my body for 10 days with clean, organic superfoods. What did you put in your body today?
“Just stop eating sugar / crap / gluten / dairy / whatever.”
Ok, thanks for that. Yeah, I’m sure if I just stopped I would have tons of energy and feel great, but I’m sorry, that’s really hard to just stop. I need some help. I’ve tried to stop. That’s the problem, it’s so easy to go back. So shame on me for needing some help in cutting the cravings.
And to the people that offered their love and support, THANK YOU. I honestly could not have done it without you! It’s been hard to share some of my embarrassing cravings / moments, but I feel like we all have them. I just wanted to keep it real. FYI – I’m down 9.5 lbs. and Charles lost 12.5 lbs. Woot woot!