We provide easy-to-prepare products that would allow just about anyone to cook gourmet meals right at the comfort of their own kitches


Here's a link to the full 2018 Catalog of Country Gourmet Home's products:


Step One - Choose a Plan​​

​​Basic Coach

This plan is for our consultants who are looking to purchase product for personal use and do not have the need for a website or the desire to build a down-line. This plan is activated with the purchase of one of our enrollment kits and a monthly $10.00 retail sales requirement. 

Advanced Coach

Our Advanced Coaches have the opportunity to promote to higher levels within our company to include the option of being paid on a 6 level down-line. To join at this level consultants simply subscribe to our “Build Your Business” plan and purchase one of our enrollment kits. An investment in your business with our “Build Your Business” subscription, available for only $9.95 a month, includes a premium personal website and back-office, bonus items, unlimited fundraising opportunities, and custom labeled catalogs on drop shipped orders. The best part is, there are NO ordering requirements as long as you are subscribed to the “Build Your Business” plan, you will remain active. Higher commission bonuses and titles are earned through personal sales and qualified team member’s performance. 

​Vendor Level

This option has a $200 a month order minimum and no host bonus products are awarded. Website sales or consultant bonuses are also not available. This level is strictly for those only selling at vendor events. No down-line commission or advancement in rank is earned. 

Step Two- Choose a Starter Kit

These can be found on their official website.


How much does it cost to get started?
For as low as $5.75, you can get a mini-business kit or if you want to sign up as a basic consultant, you can start your business with virtually no startup fees required.

Do they sell anything other than meals?
Wax Warmers

Whats the highest amount of Commision that I could recieve?
Sell high-quality gourmet food mixes and earn as much as 40% commissions on your personal sales.

Company is 8 years old, so they are expirenced

Large amount of consultants all around the United States

Compensation Plan has many of options to choose from regarding their kits

Sign up cost is semi-expensive

97% of consultants don't make a stable income off of just this company

Network marketing is the whole heart of recieving your end of the bargain