The most versatile home decor ever created. Create your own masterpiece, no matter what your crafting ability may be...over and over again. Beautify your home and spice up your life when you join the Chalk Couture family as a Designer.
The Chalk Couture Story
Tara Roark, Founder
The concept for Chalk Couture was born years ago after I purchased a very large frame from an art store in Boise, ID. While contemplating the use for this new frame, I decided to create a large magnetic chalkboard to easily display my photography, among other things. This new framed chalkboard immediately became a statement piece in my family’s living room and also became the first step toward dreaming up Chalk Couture.
I already had a passion for creating beautiful home decor, but I just knew that my giant chalkboard was going to take my creativity to a whole new level. My first mission was to find decorative magnets to place on my new board, however when I set out to make this happen, I couldn’t find anything other than the kids’ plastic, colored refrigerator magnets. My next step was to start looking for large letters and accessories that I could glue magnets to the back of, but it became pretty impossible to find what I needed.
During this time, I was attending the University of Utah and majoring in Design. I took a fabrication class and learned all about the different ways to have things made. I also learned how to create a design on my computer and send it to a manufacturer. Then all of a sudden, voilà…I had magnets! I started creating new pieces for my chalkboard, and I was completely addicted.
I began taking my larger-than-life chalkboard to craft fairs to sell other pieces of artwork I had created. I would write the prices of the art on my chalkboard, but it quickly became obvious that people were more interested in the chalkboard than the art itself. It was then that I truly realized I had something special. I knew there was a market for beautifully designed chalkboards, and I was just the person to get it out there!
With the help of our loving family and friends, we set out to sell our unique magnetic chalkboards, decorative magnets and accessories. We attended local expos, trade shows and even small farmers markets, and learned that there was an even larger market for people who wanted to create their own masterpieces. We saw a large need to expand our concept to encompass all crafting skill levels, so we created our Chalkology Paste and Chalk Transfers. I formulated Chalkology Paste at home, in my kitchen, and after many tears, laughing fests, and paste explosions, Chalkology Paste was created! We  have since perfected the formula and the manufacturing process of the Chalkology Paste.
We have come so far with many different types and sizes of Chalkboards, over thirty different colors of Chalkology Paste and hundreds of Chalk Transfers! We have new products being introduced constantly, and we are so happy that our dream has finally turned into a beautiful reality. Our Designers have taken our business to a whole new level and we couldn’t thank you all enough for everything you do. I absolutely love everything about Chalk Couture, and I hope that is reflected in the quality and creativity of our Chalk Couture products.


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- How do I use this product?
Follow this link: 
https://www.chalkcouture.com/product-instructions/   to see a list of the product instructions

- How much does it cost to start?
It’s only $99 to start your own Chalk Couture business!
You’ll get $200+ (retail value) in the hottest product! Includes a little bit of everything you need to get started and create beautiful finished projects to share and sell!
Your Monthly Chalk Couture Subscription is just $19.99 a month (your first month is free)!
You’ll get a personal website for your business, an app that works as a point of sale system, and every month we’ll send you a Chalk Transfer at no extra cost!

- What are some of the rewards that I can recieve?
Earn up to 50% sales commission on wholesale purchases (well above industry standard!)
Designer Debút Program–helps you become successful by earning even MORE during your first 3-4 months…as much as $480 in your choice of products!

- What are all the ways I can earn?
Social Sales
Arrange a Create & Take, workshop, expo, or just a fun night of crafting with friends, and earn a 40% profit as a wholesale Designer.
Website Sales
Sell product online, and earn 25% commission.
Product Credit
When you sell $200 in Personal Volume, we’ll give you $20 in Designer Dollars to buy business materials, fund Hostess Rewards, giveaways, team incentives, and stock up on display product.
Team Bonuses
When you build a Team and help them grow, you will see a portion of their sales rolling up to you. The bigger your team, the more you can earn!

Product is well known and a great seller

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 You cannot buy their products from just the website, you must connect with an independent direct seller

Not for people who are not creative or artistic