About Us

Founder - Angela Lukenbill

Angela has built this business with 1 purpose - to help enhance people's lives.  

As a single mother for 19 years, Angela knows what it is like to struggle financially.  She made ends meet working multiple jobs, being a representative for various direct sales companies, and building her own businesses.  It is her goal to help others improve their finances by building a truly successful business through support, knowledge, training, networking, and advertising.  She carries this philosophy to her team making sure their lives are enhanced far beyond what one gets from a typical job.  By taking part of the Successful Direct Sales website, events, and opportunities, you creating an ever enhancing circle of growth for everyone!

Angela's motto in life is "Kaizen" - a Japenese philosophy meaning continuous growth and improvement.  Every day is an opportunity to become a little bit better at anything you want in life! Make sure you take every advantage of that opportunity!



Our latest breakthrough:

Successful Direct Sales Income was founded in 2017 in response to a need to help support local home-based and direct sales business owners.  This is a sister company to the Kansas City Bridal Group  founded in 2015 .  We provide resources including networking opportunities, business training events, online resources, advertising, and more.  
Coming Soon!

Business Boot Camps specially designed to help you learn social media marketing, aps to help you with your business, sales strategies, communication skills, budgeting, and much more!  Coming Spring 2018


  1. Aaron Rankin
    Aaron Rankin
    Customer Success Consultant
  2. Brenda Carrel
    Brenda Carrel
    Customer Success Consultant
  3. Ashley Beers
    Ashley Beers
    Graphic Artist